2016 All Student Horse Show & Sebastian Riding Associates News

Enchanted Garden

by Jenny Dec

This year’s horse show had a record number of Sebastian riders
demonstrating their skills in trail, dressage, and driving classes. The
trail riders had to steer their horses around mushrooms on Ladybug
Lane, through a garden hedge maze, across a bridge (Beware of
Trolls!), through flowers, and back along Butterfly Blvd. All this while
riding Unicorns! If you looked carefully you probably got a glimpse
of some elves and fairies waiting patiently for their turn to ride.
Each obstacle in the trail course is worth a certain number of
points (usually 5 or 10). This year’s trail judge, Melanie Snider, was
looking for independent and careful steering with intent, effective
and kind use of the reins and leg aides, good posture to the best
of each rider’s abilities, and a quiet centered seat. Some of her
comments about the riders included “great enthusiasm,” “nice turn
on haunches,” “really focused,” “great use of hands,” and “great
position.” Kudos to all our hardworking students and instructors for
their accomplishments!

Dressage day is always a little more formal, although the horses still
sported painted flowers and hearts on their coats! Each rider rides
a pattern and accrues points based on things like “straightness on
center line and smooth transition,” “shape and size of circle,” and
rider’s position and effectiveness of the aides. For these classes,
judge Chuck Ortwine had comments such as “good turn on the
mark,” “good transition,” and “very good circle.” There are so many
skills involved in performing a good test—patience, concentration,
memorization, coordinating aides, and more! Once again, hurray for
everyone’s hard work!

The Student Horse Show is also the presentation of the annual
awards. The Suzie Anders Award was established in 2002 and
is presented annually to a student in tribute of strength of spirit,
triumph over life’s challenges, the ability to bring happiness, and
the desire to just have fun. This year’s recipient was Anne Marie

The Suzanne Ramply Award was established in 2001 and is
presented to the individual, who, like Suzanne Ramply, dedicates
their lives to bettering the lives of others through their love of
horses. This year’s recipient was Lyn Harper-Mozley.
The Frank J Viall Jr. Award was established in 2010. It is presented
in recognition of the generous donation of time and talents to SRA.
This year’s recipient was Pat Dougherty.

These award recipients are nominated and voted on by the staff. It
is a very difficult job as there are so many deserving individuals of
these awards. Amazing people – it is what SRA is all about!
New this year was the presentation of “high point” trophies for
the highest trail and dressage scores. The trail high point award
was presented to Scotty Koval and high point dressage award was
received by Cindy Moore.

We look forward to next year’s student horse and have already
committed to a theme of “Under the Sea,” so start thinking of ideas
to transform the arena into an aquarium!

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