A Night of Comedic Fun at Imperial’s Catering

This past weekend we attended a show at Imperial’s Catering that featured food as well from the host company.  The Collegeville Way teamed up with Imperial’s Catering to bring a fun filled night to fellow residents of Montgomery County’s Collegeville.  While publicising the event, TCW decided to raffle off tickets for those that liked and shared their social media page on FB.  As owners and directors of Adzory LLC, the company that is responsible for TCW”s digital presence, we too were invited, on behalf of Tia, to attend in her place.

As we drove toward the catering facility, we were unaware of its location, and failed to recognise that it was the former Moorehead’s Catering, a landmark in the Trappe area since the early 1940’s.  The family had retired and passed the baton on to Robert Imperial, a culinary trained chef specialising in French and Italian cuisine.  Bryan and I were delighted to see that on the menu Imperial’s Catering was serving Prime Rib to go along with the event.  We did not, however, realise that it was BYOB.  I have to say two things on that point, one, we will not forget in the future (yes we absolutely intend to return – there are future engagements for dinner and a show!).  Secondly, I can honestly say that although we enjoy having a glass of wine with dinner, it was an outstanding show regardless of the fact that we did not imbibe.

We arrived with a few minutes to spare, only to see that all of Montco had shown up too!  There was a parking frenzy, and one of the very few negative comments I have to say.  Parking was in the lot, on the grass, and in the street.  Obviously on a first come first serve basis.  Once we found a patch of grass that would suffice, we parked and decided to walk in.  There were many people talking and enjoying themselves outside of the entrance and as we made our way in and waited in line to enter the main dining area.  Obviously, there were a few reserved seats, and our host lost no time sitting us at a reserved table as we announced ourselves.  Upon entering we noticed that our prime rib meal was to be a catered affair, although with the seating arrangements it wouldn’t make sense to do it any other way.  It appeared that there were 12-14 tables with about 12 at each table which completely filled the room, with enough space in the far end of the dining area to have a serving table set up and the chef poised to carve the entrée.

Doors opened early and the meal promptly started.  Salads were already on the table for every seat along with a balsamic house dressing and pitchers of water.  Each table was then let directed to the serving table to address their plates.  There was plenty of well prepared and decadent food.  At first, I was unsure of the pairings as we had hot pasta and veggies to go with the prime rib, but there were also potatoes and rolls.  I cannot fail to mention the horseradish as it was absolutely delightful, perfect in fact.  All of the servers were quite prompt in clearing our plates, pouring water, and tending to tables and audience.  Also in the back, the facility had provided soda, water, and coffee to enjoy.  As the meal came to a close, we again were asked to walk back for desert where Chef Imperial had offered cheesecake. That, I promised myself, I was not going to have – but I must say when I did break down to get some – it was divine.  Again, a small comment was that they ran out of cheesecake, and when they brought more out, it wasn’t quite to room temperature, but for me, it was like frozen cheesecake, yum!

We were seated with the winner of the ticket raffle and her guest, residents of St. Peters.  Our winner, April Smith is an employee at Pottstown Hospital and follows TCW on FB.  Settling in, we were told by our hosts it would be about ten minutes or so and the fun would begin, the host also had a comedian in house to warm the audience up while the two comedian guests prepared themselves for the stage.  During this time, I excused myself for the ladies room, and was pleasantly surprised, although small and could be cramped for some guests, it was remarkably clean and inviting.

Once seated again, Chris Coccia proceeded to make his way to the stage and officially begin the evening of comedy.  Chris hails from a rich background of comedy, having had affiliation with Comedy Central, XM, and GSN.  He is quite funny, often leaning on stories of his own – discussing marriage and relationships.  It seems his skill is to involve the audience in the midst of his routine.  So there is scripted material and impromptu as well.  We were also drawn in, as he asked my husband a question about marriage, and Bryan said “he didn’t know how it happened” that he got married.  We all had a great laugh, as did Chris.  He finished up his routine and had a resounding applause.

After Chris left, a few minutes went by and Chip Chantry came onstage.  Chip is quite decorated as well, as he is the 2013 winner of Philly’s Phunniest and has opened for many mainline comedians such as Dave Chappelle. Most recently, he is a segment producer on NBC’s “Crazy Talk” that often also airs on CW here in the Philly area.  Although he and Chris both share jokes and life experiences, Chip stressed that he gets his “vibe” from the audience.  He has been described as the late night talk show without having to stay up.  Made us all remember that comedy is a living and breathing organism, and depending on the audience each night and how he is received the show may change and takes different ebbs and flows throughout the set.  Ending in a high note with much laughter and applause, Chip exited the stage.  As we stood up and stretched, collected our jackets and proceeded to make our way out to the haphasard arrangement of cars in the lot, we still had smiles on our faces.

Imperial’s Catering is hosting many shows in the future accompanied with a meal.  We have to say, for the lovely price of 25.00 and including a meal with the show, it is truly superb.  We will return again, and cannot thank TCW or Imperial’s Catering enough. Visit Imperial’s Catering to check out upcoming events!