Art Show

Schwenksville Elementary School recently held their art show highlighting the artistic talents of our students.  Mrs. Jill Seitz, art teacher, spends countless hours preparing and hanging artwork for every student.  Pictured with Mrs. Seitz are Meredith Imes and Brooke Rueckle.

Meredith’s piece shown here is part of 4th grade’s study of Sonja Delaunay, a famous artist who painted Concentric Circles.  The students used compasses to draw a variety of circles in different sizes and overlapped the circles.  Once their circles were completed, they used a ruler to draw straight lines connecting the concentric circles while also dividing their paper into different sections which an end result of more color.

Brooke’s piece shown here is part of 2nd grade’s study about 2D and 3D shapes.  Second grade students learned that 2D shapes have a length and height and 3D shapes have length, width, and height.  After the students practiced drawing 2D shapes, Mrs. Seitz showed them how to create 3D shapes such as a cube, cone, cylinder, rectangular prism, sphere, and pyramid.  Students used charcoal to shade the 3D shapes.