Central Perkiomen Rotary Club Presents Computers

The Central Perk Rotary Club of Schwenksville presented the Jerusalem Lutheran Food Pantry with new laptop computers at their recetn meeting at The Bay Pony Inn . The computers are to be given to local families for Christmas. The money for the computers was raised through member donations along with a few business donations.
The Central Perkomen Rotary supports so many community activities including the Schwenksville Halloween Parade t in coopera-tion with the Schwenksville Fire Company, La-dies Club and Boy Scout Troop 105 and the support of the Borough, organize an entirely Free community event.
The annual Schwenksville Carnival at the CP Rotary Fields. The entire CP rotary Fields complex is sup-ported by, funded by and maintained by the Central Perkiomen Rotary Club.
The Battle-Axe Dinner in support of the Battle-Axe game, traditionally the last scheduled Football game of the year between Methacton and Perkiomen Valley High Schools. The dinner is a Senior Football Player recognition dinner.
Rotary supports a humanitarian relief project called Shelter Box that provides a self-contained life support package for disaster relief.
Locally, they support; The Spring Mount Walk / Run for the Cure, The Perkiomen Valley High School Prom, Perkiomen Valley Student Exchange programs, Interact – along with various other leadership pro-grams, The Boy Scouts and The Central Perkiomen Valley Youth Association Baseball Program.
The Central Perkiomen Rotary’s future lies with new membership. Service Clubs have suffered greatly in the last several decades as a families time became more and more valuable with children involved in a multitude of activities. We hope that when time allows, that parents who watched the children experience the joy of the Halloween Parade, the festivities of the Schwenksville Carnival or enjoyed countless nights of the greatest entertainment on earth – watching your kids play baseball and soft-ball. If they are blessed and want to give back through community service, they turn to Rotary.
Please visit the Central Perkiomen Rotary Website for more infor-mation.