Counseling Visits

At the start of each school year at Schwenksville Elementary, the school counselor – Mrs. Stacia Hang, visits every classroom to discuss her role as counselor.  Students in second grade participated in this discussion using items pulled from the bucket – each item relates in some way to her role as counselor.

Band Aid:  A counselor helps you when your feelings are hurt.

Eraser:  A counselor can help you learn from your mistakes.

Smiley Face:  Counselors help students feel happy to be at school.

Magic Wand:  Mrs. Hang does not have a magic wand – but, instead, works with students to make things better.

Star:  A counselor helps you reach for the stars and achieve your goals!

Puzzle Piece:  A counselor will help you solve problems when you are feeling puzzled.


Pictured with Mrs. Hang is second grader, Ishmael Cox.