Get Fit with Ashley

 I had the pleasure of sitting down with personal fitness trainer and health coach, Ashley Basilio of Get Fit With Ashley,LLC.. Ashley works as a personal trainer and health coach part time as she is also an engineer, a full-time mom to two boys and a wife. Ashley’s journey with fitness began when she was young and was a dancer. She always enjoyed staying fit and active, but it was nothing but a hobby at the time. As Ashley grew older and went through college, she had to give up her passion for dance and activeness so she could focus on getting her bachelors and masters degrees in engineering. Soon after college, Ashley began to realize that she sincerely loved fitness and wanted to find a way that she could incorporate it more into her everyday life.
            After moving to the Collegeville area, Ashley decided to join a fitness class. After working hard and doing really well in the class, her instructor asked her if she wanted to teach this class. At that point, Ashley decided that she really wanted to be able to balance her engineering lifestyle alongside her love for fitness. After teaching the fitness class for several years, Ashley decided that she wanted to branch off from that and start her own fitness training program. Approximately three years ago, Ashley began the process of building her business as a personal trainer. Within six months, Ashley was able to begin training with clients on a one on one basis. Another six months from there, Ashley’s boot camps began in full force. Ashley started teaching in the fields of Manderach Park in Limerick on Memorial Day of 2012. All throughout that summer, Ashley was able to teach these boot camp classes Saturday mornings. Once the temperatures outside began to decrease, she was able to rent space at the Goddard School in Schwenksville.  When that space became too small for her class, she  moved her classes to the Schwenksville Library’s auditorium , which was more suitable for her class’s mobility.
            Since starting Get Fit With Ashley, LLC, it has become a successful program that has benefitted and touched several lives of those wanting to get fit. Within the last year, Ashley held two weight loss challenges. With her first challenge, which was held this past fall, she had 16 participants and they lost a total of 164 pounds and with her second challenge in the end of winter/early spring, Ashley had 26  participants and they were able to lose a total of 197 pounds. Ashley shared that the end results of these challenges are some of her proudest moments since starting the program. It brings her such a great feeling that this group of people did all of this hard work with her influence and that they never gave up even when the going was tough. Ashley used the word hope to describe what these groups of hard-working people had. If everyone has hope and a little encouragment, they will do better and achieve more. Ashley’s favorite part of starting the program was the personal friendships and relationships that she has been given. These people are now her closest friends. She enjoys helping people feel good about themselves and wants everyone to make sure that they feel a part of her fitness “family”.
            The motto Ashley used to support her fitness groups and friends when they were feeling down was “you don’t have to be the best, just be better than you were yesterday”. This is a quote I will remember because I know that everything in life does not come easy and that everyone has their bad days. This quote will definitely help me move forward in life and try my very best to do better in whatever the situation may be. With this program, Ashley’s number one goal was to help people of all ages feel good about themselves and take this positive energy with them wherever they go; especially with friends and family and to continue to pass it [positive energy] forward.
            Ashley believes that anyone can incorporate fitness into their lives regardless of one’s busy schedule. There is no such thing as “no time” for fitness. Ashley says that weight loss comes down to eating less and moving more. Ashley recommends starting out with small goals and then progressing into a more intense workout with activities that a person may enjoy. From this point, Ashley says it is unlikely that she will ever do fitness full time, but continuing as a health coach and growing the boot camps is definitely a priority and a main focus. In the end, Ashley wants to keep touching lives and keep paying it forward.
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