Holy Cross Wax Museum

Of course, history, culture, and public speaking are studied in every grade at Holy Cross Regional School, Collegeville. One project brings these lessons all together at the annual 7th Grade Wax Museum.

Each student chooses a person to study. Then, he or she prepares a written biographical report and converts it to a short oral presentation. The 7th graders present what they have learned in the first person, complete with costumes reflecting the typical dress of the chosen historical figure or current icon.

At the museum, you would have met Sir Isaac Newtown, Dr. Jonas Salk, Pope John Paul I, Saint Pope John Paul II, Milton Hershey, Dwight Eisenhower, Sally Ride, Neil Armstrong, Princess Kate, John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lucille Ball, Selena Gomez, Adele, Andrew Carnegie, Harry Houdini, Michael Jordan, Shaun White, and two Donald Trumps, to name a few.

The attached photos show just a few of the students who presented at this year’s Wax Museum, which took place during Catholic Schools Week.