“I have friends, whose friendship I would not swap for the favor of the Kings of the World.” – Thomas A. Edison

Life is a journey.  That we all know.  The thing about a journey is you can make the time much more meaningful and enjoyable by your companions.  Therein lies the beauty of friendship.  Family is not open for negotiation nor choice.  But friends are solely your choosing.  Who you surround yourself with ultimately determines your life.
  I have been blessed beyond comprehension with family, not one second of any moment I am here do I ever not realize the magnitude of my incredible family – sons, sisters, brother and even some days Fritz……  some days.  Where I really hit the lode of treasure is with my friends.  I have the most wonderful, talented and loyal beloved friends ever.  And I mean ever.  I have several friends from 5 years old.  I have a group of over 10 from high school and so many from college.   Friends so dear to me that I met through life experience and my sons’ lives.  And when I say friends, I mean I actively see them, enjoy their lives and we share our journeys.   I have many friends, more than a scoundrel such as I deserve.   Many friends……………… and then there is Scott Mabry.
     Scott is the most talented photographer I know.  He is brilliant.  He has photographed and chronicled my personal milestones.  His dedication and philanthropy to this community is unparalleled.  He has covered schools, churches, charity events, political events and so much more.  He will work tirelessly and endlessly to make this world a better place.  He captures priceless moments for all to see. He is a photographer and a photojournalist.  This newspaper would not be here if not for Scott and his dedication and generosity.
   As talented of a photographer that Scott is, his true and best talent lies in his heart.   If you were to ask God himself to send you a friend and list all that you would like the friend to possess, you would maybe be fortunate to be sent a friend like Scott.   Scott values people and their beings.   While most people put emphasis and even preference on money, profession, appearance or accomplishments – he sees the only really important quality is love and decency.   Scott stands with you, and has supported and stood by me for over 35 years.   When the rats are jumping the ship at any given time, as they are apt to do, Scott is the man who stands with his hand on your shoulder watching in sadness at their actions.  He will wipe a tear if needed or swear up a storm cursing their traitorous souls to Hades.  His loyalty and caring about his family and friends is such a rarity in this world of phoniness and illusion.
   Now lest you think the fun factor is lost in all this emotion, fret not.  I pride myself on the highest level of fun and amusement allowed by the universe.  Our adventures and sheer laughter has been heard up and down the coast.  By those who enjoy it, and those who laugh along.  For one man to have so much talent and character and heart is just one of my favorite gifts to have been in my life.
  I would say Scott is a once in a lifetime friend, but that would be an understatement as he may span over that time period.  I am sure many lifetimes pass for some who do not ever live the beauty and soul of a true and stand tall man.  I am grateful every day that this man I call my dear friend came into my lifetime.
  Scott Mabry is featured in Skippack at Wolf Barn for an exhibit of his photographic work.  The details are in the story we are running highlighting Scott’s professional career.  The show  will be brilliant and much praise will come forth.  It will be an honor for him that is a long time coming.  The true honor is for those who love Scott and are blessed by this once in a lifetime friend.  The friend who  makes the tough times seem a little less daunting, the good times a lot more filled with laughter and the once in a lifetime moments, well they are there because he is here.   May you always know the power of true and complete friendship.  May you always be loved without judgment. May you always see the true worth of your world.   And may you at least once be honored with someone seeing you and capturing you through the lense of love.