“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write something worth reading or do things worth the writing.” Benjamin Franklin US author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician, & printer (1706 – 1790)

The world of screens is here. I resisted and warned and tried to put a line of defense against it, all to no avail. Our world is television screens, cell phone screens, computer screens, video game screens and now a bridge from cell phone screens and computer screens…… tablet screens. People tell me I must surrender. I do…….. to a degree. But I still tell all who will listen that our demise in communication and emotions will be screens. While I certainly understand the convenience and versatility and ease of information, a part of me wants to pull the plug on it all, not just my own, but for everyone. The world can rest easy as I am not even remotely capable nor have the resources to launch such a venture. So stay to your screens, and please in your virtual travels, visit ours. I remember the first time I was exposed to the new technological matrixes that was to come. And it was disguised to be my friend. The very first ATM machines were in my late high school years. Now this was fascinating to me. A machine that gave me money -at any time and any place. Up until this point, if you did not have money in your wallet, there was no money. Especially on weekends or on vacation if you were away from your home bank. They were very clever, they even called it a real name, George. He was my friend. I recalled I did not like the Personal Identification Number bit, it made me feel, well like a number and not a person. And I wonder now how many people could tell you what PIN means, even though it is used daily. But I put my number in, and George gave me money. Then George became MAC, and still MAC was my friend. The best part about MAC and college was the fact that there was no worry until Monday morning………….then MAC was not my friend. It would occur to me that maybe I had visited MAC over the weekend and at different locations and the funds did not justify the draw. Then it was Monday morning covering of funds. Time to pay the piper for the wonderful dance. How many times Johanna received that call as she was working 2 jobs. (For the record, I too worked while attending college as I took 16 credits a semester, but that always seems forgotten in the extreme high jinx and adventures). So it began innocently with these money machines. Oh dear Hades it snowballed from there. Here we are today. I don’t know who this Zuckerberg guy is and what he thinks he accomplished, but I can tell you right now.. he would not be my friend in any world, virtual or real. I don’t care if he is a gaziollionaire. It is obvious that the people who perpetuated this evolution were socially unable to operate and needed a screen. Look at them, all of them. I will not use any names, but think of any “Great Innovator” of the tech world. They won. They convinced everyone, even real people, that this was a better way to live. I remain in the minority. I raised my sons as hybrids of the ability to actually communicate social skills strong and ability to embrace technology. They are my hope for the future and those like them. As for me, I posted the newspaper on the web, and on Facebook. My love of keeping community news relevant and allow local stories to be told overrides my aversion to the screen. I do text maybe 7 people. But I have an old phone and it’s funny, but people tell me I need a Smart Phone and I tell them I am smart enough for both of us. I love my family and friends, but I love them when I can hear them laugh and see their eyes and feel their souls. I will be here at the station while all of you take the express to the future. Please keep a happy balance in your life of real and virtual. More importantly, if you see that Zuckerberg guy, give him a dressing down for me. We hope you are enjoying our on line version as it is doing very well. Readers are making the connection and visit daily as my photographer, writers and technology genius bring us into the world. It is they who make this newspaper wonderful. Please remember that once you lose local news and community bonding, it is very difficult to get it back. You keep it alive in your lives and give back in any way you can. We will keep it alive here. Best to you from us, the real us.