Living Stations of the Cross

8th graders of Holy Cross Regional School reenacted the crucifixion of Jesus
Christ, on Monday, March 21. The 8th grade teachers Mrs. Ursula Lawrence and
Mrs. Christine Gryscavage choreographed the very spiritually moving “Living
Stations of the Cross.” Students read about the journey that Jesus took, on
his last day on Earth, as a man. With each station, a contemporary song was
played, inspiring all to reflect and meditate about His suffering and death.

This presentation is a Holy Week tradition at Holy Cross School, located in
Collegeville. Each 8th grade student plays a role in the production, and all
are shown in the last photograph, on the altar at St. Eleanor Church.

Shown in the photos are…

The students portray the hanging of Christ on the cross.

The centurions removed the body of Christ from the cross and carried him in