Local Dow Scientist Honored at World’s Largest Tech Conference for Plastics

Recently, the Dow Chemical Company announced that Bharat Chaudhary, Ph.D., has been elected as a fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE). This honor recognizes members who have made outstanding contributions in plastics science, engineering or management.

Based at Dow’s Northeast Technology Center in Collegeville, Pa., Chaudhary is a principal research scientist with more than 26 years of experience leading research and development in a variety of areas, particularly sustainable approaches. He will be recognized by the SPE, along with two other Dow engineers, during ANTEC 2016, the world’s largest technical conference devoted to plastics being held in Indianapolis from May 23-25.

For more information on this recognition, please visit: http://www.dow.com/news/press-releases/three%20dow%20researchers%20elected%20fellows%20society%20plastics%20engineers