Making A Difference For Kids

Kimberly for the Kids is holding its inaugural 5K Run/Walk on Sunday August 3rd.  The coordinator, of the event is Kimberly Lesher-Lattanzi.    Kimberly is also the heart, soul and motivation for this Walk.  The path that brings her to this place of focusing on giving back is one of loss, heartache and ultimately courage and standing for a cause.
      Kimberly grew up in the Collegeville area.   She pursued a career in hair styling and nails after graduation from Perkiomen Valley High School. She still dabbles in it after 30 years, and knows it was a choice that helped her form her life.  She married in 1986 and had two daughters, Kayla and Jana.  In 1992, Kimberly had a son, George, who was called affectionately “Bucky”.      About 15 hours after his birth, Bucky started to have issues that indicated something was wrong.  Bucky was born with Hypo Plastic Left Heart Syndrome – a condition where only ½ the heart forms.  A baby’s heart forms early in the development and the left side never grew.  20 years ago, it was not detectable until birth.
       Bucky at 2 days old went in for The Norwood Procedure at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to reconstruct the Right side of his heart.  The surgery is a 3 step surgery.  The 2nd step of the surgery was performed on March 7, 1992.   George “Bucky” Lesher passed away on April 7, 1992 at 8 months old.    The family was devastated beyond comprehension.  Kimberly went into a state of inertia, where nothing seemed real or mattered.   She reached deep down into herself and somehow found the strength to start to live again and raise her daughters.  The loss never lessened nor left her heart.  Bucky was always in her soul and as life moved forward, she found a way to move with it.
    Kimberly worked and raised her family with love and purpose.  About 5 years ago, in 2009, she decided that she wanted to move in a new direction and obtained her Real Estate license.   Kimberly works with Century 21 Alliance in Audubon as a Real Estate Agent and enjoys the challenge of helping people find the home they want or need.   About 1 year ago in late 2013, Kimberly started training to run in 5k runs.  She wanted to be as healthy as possible and make for a new exciting challenge.
    Kimberly ran five 5K’s in one year.   She started to think that there was a connection to running these 5K’s and a way to make a difference for a Charity that had always been near to her.  Easter Seals is a charity that is well known and assists children who have physical disabilities.  Century 21 is one of the largest fundraisers for Easter Seals and Century 21 Alliance has raised over 1.4 million dollars for the cause.  Kimberly knew this was a sign and that she could make a difference and honor her son’s memory.
  “I want people to know who I am and how deeply I feel about this cause.  If I can help a parent through a situation or talk with a parent who has lost a child, or struggles with anything with their child, I am here”   Lesher-Lattanzi shares her thoughts.
    “Money is important for funding but it’s a further issue of being involved and coming out and helping raise the money for these children and parents who need it.  Easter Seals is one of the greatest charities to support.”
  Easter Seals honors most fundraisers with an ambassador. The ambassador for Kimberly for The Kids is “JJ” of Trappe.  JJ’s story is attached to this story as well as a photograph of JJ with Kimberly at the 2014 Easter Seals “Walk With Me” Event.   100 percent of all monies raised for Kimberly for the Kids will go to Easter Seals.
   Kimberly lives and works in the Perkiomen Valley area where she is involved in many activities.  She has her 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren that she makes a priority in every way.
      Hosting this event is a way for Kimberly to allow people to participate and show they care and want to make a difference.  The significance of the date is so humbling.   August 3rd is Bucky’s birthday.  On that day, Sunday August 3rd, at the bottom of Spring Mountain Ski area lower lot, there will be a 5K Run/ Walk of love.  A walk to show that a mother’s love and courage can make the world a better place for other children.   A walk to gather this community to give back to those who need it.   And a walk of caring and giving and hope for a charity that focuses on children.
   All donations are appreciated and one does not need to Run or Walk to donate.  For more information, please visit the link for     Kimberly for The Kids or the Easter Seals website