New Owners Keep Tradition yet Add —- to Cabin Craft

Cabin Craft Skip Shop has been a part of the tradition of our area for over forty years. New owners, Dina Sanz and Kyle and Colleen Kennedy, want to make sure it stays that way.  Tom Reynolds, the owner and well known personality, decided to retire. He wanted to be sure the new owners were worthy of the task.   Once you meet them and see the positive progress, you will be as assured as I am that Cabin Craft will flourish and move into a new era.
    Dina Sanz and Kyle Kennedy have been friends for over a decade.  The subject of Cabin Craft and the opportunities it held came up over a year ago.  Kyle had been coming to Cabin Craft since he was a child with his father.  His passion is skiing and snowboarding.  His dream was to own and operate some type of business to further his destiny.   You can feel the excitement while speaking with him.
   “One of my earliest memories is coming into Cabin Craft with my father.  It was an experience and an adventure.  I want a whole new generation to have that experience.” Says Kyle Kennedy.
   Dina Sanz is the business side of the venture as she has a background in marketing.  But she soon found herself absorbed by the excitement and energy of the winter sports world.
   “I saw the potential, but once I met the customers and saw the focus on the people and their love of adventure, I was convinced this was my path” Dina says.
     The sale was completed in August of 2013 and a soft opening was held in September.   The amount of work involved was massive and both new owners put in hours upon hours of work and commitment.  The inside of the shop has been renovated and new fixtures and carpeting are installed.  The atmosphere is still Cabin Craft, but a new fresh look.  Cabin Craft offers high quality ski and snowboard equipment, including boots, helmets, bindings and goggles.  Their apparel line is always growing.   New product lines and offerings will be added as the season comes closer.    The shop also offers rentals, tuning, waxing and sharpening or repairs on skis and snow boards.  They are always interested in buying used equipment.
  “Our staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly,” says Dina. “Most of them have been customers themselves and just love the whole service.  We pride ourselves on our service and ability to make you comfortable and confident with a bit of fun!”
  The biggest change will be the vision to make the business a four season destination.   The Cabin Craft Campground is a beautiful location and so convenient to so many in the area or afar.  Acres of private areas for campers include access to the Perkiomen Valley trail and the Perkiomen Creek.  Biking, canoeing, kayaking, hiking or just nature enthusiasts will be impressed with the access and ease at which they can indulge their passion or the outdoors.   Spring Mountain Adventures is within walking distance and their Zip Line is a well-known adventure.   Restaurants are close by and a beautiful children’s playground, Foy Park is across the street.
  There is space for nearly 28 campsites.  All can accommodate tents and some small trailers. Restrooms, showers and camping items are available at the shop.
      “There is so much to enjoy and live in this community,” says Dina “And that is what our dream is.  To make this a place where people come from all over and do what they love to do.  If it is skiing or snowboarding or biking or canoeing.  Whatever it is, we are here to make it happen. “
       The new owners are also bringing in Made In America products.  They are investing in tomorrow and a stronger selection.
   “We want to bring our customers choices,” shares Kyle.  “Keep the tradition but give the variety. That is what Cabin Craft is to so many.”
     The retail shop is a large part of the business, but the outside grounds and location open up the opportunity for so much more.
  Kyle puts it very simply.
  “I am living my dream.   So many memories for so many people and now we are blessed to be able to continue that tradition with our own style. “
  Dina sums it up for all.
   “This is an incredible small town feel and we want to be a large part of this community.  I thrive on the activity and the people and their stories.  Our strength is the strength of this area. This is a new chapter in a beloved book.   We didn’t just buy a business, it’s a sense of belonging and family with the community.”
   Kyle and Colleen Kennedy and Dina Sanz bring freshness and wonder to the area, they also bring a bond of making a better path for all of us.   Please visit the Cabin Craft website for more information. or click on their ad on our website or better yet, go visit them and feel the energy and spark firsthand at Cabin Craft Ski Shop and Campground 2 Main Street, Spring Mount, Pa. 610-287-7064