Persuasive Writing

Students in Ms. Jessica Smith’s fourth grade class at Schwenksville Elementary write persuasive pieces on a topic of their choosing. Ms. Smith’s hope is for students to see that writing is a powerful tool and their voices can be heard and necessary changes can be made. Topics for these pieces range from more personal/smaller scale topics such as persuading mom or dad to let him/her get a pet, to loftier letters to the president requesting a change in legislation!


Last school year, Schwenksville’s own Sayaka Kimura (currently in Mrs. Beth Lycosky’s 5th grade class) wrote a beautiful and powerfully persuasive piece to Barack Obama requesting that he to talk to Monsanto. She urged president Obama to convince Monsanto to stop making GMOs (genetically modified organisms) for the better health and well-being of all American citizens. Sayaka was passionate about this topic, researched it thoroughly, and was determined to make a change that would help so many people! Although the response was a bit delayed, right before the winter break this school year, Sayaka received a response letter from President Obama himself in which he thanked her for writing and said that she and students like her inspire him each and every day. He even included a picture of the whole Obama family and a picture of the Obama dogs! Hopefully, Sayaka’s response from Barack Obama will show other students that their writing can truly be powerful mediums of change in a sometimes overwhelming world!