Pets and Why more People should Adopt and/or Buy more Pets

As a pet owner, I show affection toward my dog and feel both my dog and I enjoy playing and giving each other love and affection. While playing with Ava (my 5 year old Shih Tzu poodle mix breed) as well as reading articles describing the ASPCA and their service toward animals, it made me think about how there are so many animals in shelters, breeders, or pet stores that need good homes. In just the United States there are around 6 to 8 million cats and dogs in shelters and about 3 million animals in shelters are euthanized each year due to the inability to find good homes for them. While I know many friends and family members who are pet owners, there are still many animals who are waiting for an owner to come and take them home.
While our country has been suffering some hardships and rough time’s money wise, I have not heard many stories about people giving up their pets to help feed their family or pay their bills. That is not to say that there are not people out there who have unfortunately had to do such a thing, just it is not something very common I have heard or seen. This is because when you adopt a pet it is like a baby or child to you. That animal becomes part of your family and you want to make them happy and give them joy and vice versa. Adopting a dog or cat can give people enjoyment, happiness, and purpose in their lives. Ownership of an animal can as well help teach responsibility and hard work. This can especially be good life lessons for children and even yourself.
Animals can as well as you helping them, can help you too. Animals have been proven to help make people feel better, decrease loneliness, and lower stress. That is why many people bring animals to hospitals or nursing homes. They help to make the people in the homes and hospitals feel better about their situations. Animals can as well as help increase happiness can promote exercise and fitness in their owners. Pets like dogs usually need much exercise and work outs at least once a day. Owners can get a workout in as well as help their pets get the exercise they need. It can be a win/win for both the pet and their owner. Finally, animals have been known to help people relieve stress they are feeling. If a pet owner is feeling stressed out over work, school, relationships, or just life in general having a pet around can really help. It has been proven that stroking animal’s fur like a dog or cat can help release a person’s stress level and make them feel calmer. This I assume has to do with when someone is petting an animal’s fur they have to be gentle and comforting to them, this forces a person to calm down and relax s bit because the action they are doing is calming.
Thousands of animals all over the country need places to call homes that are not shelters or pet shops. Whether the animal is as small as a fish or as large as a Great Dane it can make a difference in a creature’s life as well as your own. There are many pet stores around the Montgomery County area where people can purchase a variety of critters big or small. Another place where people can find pets to take home is animal shelters. Places like the SPCA and other local animal shelters can help people to adopt and rescue dogs, cats, etc. that need good homes. Adoption is usually better because these are dogs that have not always had the best lives and need good homes. Sadly, there are still many animals out in the world that need owners and sometimes limited times for them to get adopted due to risk of euthanization in some places. You can help though, by adopting or purchasing a dog for instance that is one less animal on the streets, without a shelter over its head, or food and water to eat and drink. Animals in return can give you stress relief, exercise, love, and affection like you give them. So if you want to have purpose, love, affection, and a new friend then what are you waiting for? Go out and adopt or purchase a pet. By Jessica Pupillo