Right at Home Enters Collegeville

Local couple brings in-home care services to families in need of a helping hand

On Sept. 20, 2015, Steve and Christina Gettins purchased the Chester Springs, Pennsylvania Right at Home—a service that provides in-home care to elderly and disabled seniors across the country.

Recently, the couple decided to expand their territory from Upper Chester County into Lower Berks County and Western Montgomery County, offering their services to even more families in need of a helping hand.

“Christina and I have always dreamed of owning our own business and wanted to pursue our dream doing something that had the opportunity to touch the community,” said Steve Gettins.

The Gettins have personally experienced the difficulties of caring for loved ones.

Steve’s father fell ill with liver cancer in 2006, and although his entire family stepped in to take care of him, it was Steve’s mother who ended up doing most of the work.

“She wanted to be there as his wife but was spending most of her time doubling as his caregiver,” Steve said. “We didn’t know at the time that in-home care services existed but we wish we had. It would have given my mother the opportunity to focus on being a wife. Watching my mom and my family go through this is why Right at Home is so important to us. We want to be able to provide families like ours with the support they deserve in their time of need.”

As for Christina, after college she tended to her grandfather during his final years. She lived with him for several years, taking him in and out of nursing homes, senior care facilities and hospitals before he passed.

“I think if I could have kept him home with me, he would have had a better quality of life in those final months,” Christina said. “I think a service like Right at Home really speaks to people who are going through the same experience Steve and I did with our families.”

The two are committed to building and establishing solid relationships with their clients, caregivers and the local community.


Right at Home Chief Development Officer Eric Little is excited about the Gettins’ expansion and is pleased to have them as members of the Right at Home family.


“We knew there was great opportunity for growth in Montgomery County and the demographics of the location are ideal,” said Little. “We know Steve and Christina will carry on our commitment of providing quality care with their passion for the industry and the community.”


Right at Home will open their 500th location worldwide in early 2016, with much of their growth taking place over the past several years. The brand already has dates set for two more Virginia territory locations opening within the next week.

“Our brand resonates in new territories because we offer the opportunity to make a huge difference in the quality of life for those we serve,” said Little. “The need for our service exists in Virginia and we look to fill the void by continuing to select great franchisees that live out our positive culture in their community. Whether you’re a part of the corporate office, a franchise owner, a caregiver, or anyone else associated with our company, we’re all stronger, together because of the common belief that we all share in our culture and mission.”


Right at Home customizes care services based on the needs of every individual and provides 24-hour services from their call center. Right at Home Lower Berks County, Upper Chester County and Western Montgomery County can be reached by phone at (610) 458-5050. For more information visit http://www.rightathome.net/chester-springs/ or connect on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RightAtHomeChesterAndMontgomeryCounties/.