Schwenksville Community Day May 7, 2016

The Borough of Schwenksville will be hosting the 8th annual Schwenksville Community Day, Saturday, May 7 2016.  The event is held 10:00 am to 3:00 PM (rain or shine) at Meadow Park,  300 Main Street, Schwenksville, PA 19473,(behind the firehouse). Last year’s event was a great success, filled with music, activities, food, crafters, and information.  The Community Day event is organized by the Schwenksville Borough Activities Committee and sponsored by Greenfield of Perkiomen Valley, along with many other local businesses.   Many local vendors and performers will be featured. Back to entertain us this year is The Chris Clark Bicycle Stunt Show, Judy Tudy the Clown and Dub Step and Fall Band. Also look for great food by Schwenksville Fire Company and Dallas Fries.

Schedule of events are as follows:

10:00-10:30     Opening Ceremony—Flag Raising by POS of A       Flag Pole

 All Day          What Knott Farm -Petting Zoo                                  Field

 All Day           Bounce House and Slide                                            Field

10:30-11:00     Chris Clarke Bicycle Stunt Show                               Field

11:00-11:30     Chippy The Clown                                                      Pavilion

11:00-12:15     Music – Montgomery Blues Band                               Main Stage

11:30-12:00     Chippy The Clown Magic Show                                Pavilion

12:00-12:30     Chippy The Clown                              Field

12:00-12:30     Chris Clarke Bicycle Stunt Show                               Field

1:00 -3:00        Music – Dub Step and Fall Band                                Main Stage

1:15-1:30         Precision Jiu-Jitsu Spring Mtn. DEMO                      Pavilion

2:00-2:30         Chris Clarke Bicycle Stunt Show                               Field

2:45 – 3:00      Rain Barrel Raffle – Free                                            Main Stage

The Patriotic Order Sons of America Camp 387 will kick-off the Community Day Opening Ceremony with the raising of the U.S. Flag, followed by The Pledge of Allegiance. The POS of A is a non-profit organization that also conducts the Flag Retirement Ceremony held in Meadow Park in June.

The What Knott Farm petting zoo will be in the field all day for the young and the adventurous to enjoy. What-Knott Farm has been a breeding farm since 1982, specializing in breeding miniature animals. “Buster”, a miniature donkey, was their first “pet” for their own children. They then expanded into miniature horses and pygmy goats. As their herd expanded, so did their hearts for these special miniature animals. The farm now owns miniature horses, miniature donkeys, miniature babydoll sheep, miniature potbelly pigs, miniature goats, miniature rabbits, and miniature chickens. They also own a wallaby, a Patagonian cavy, a muntjac deer, a few llamas, a yellow-nape amazon parrot, giant tortoises, fennec foxes, skunks and other “pets” that are part of their household and petting zoo. Now their grandchildren are sharing the love of their animals too. The petting zoo includes, but may vary with weather and availability of young animals: at least 2 miniature sheep, 2 miniature goats, giant rabbit, bunnies, tortoise, hedgehog, rooster, giant cockroaches, lizard, chinchilla, skunk, chicks, ducks, potbelly pig, turkey.


Chippy the Clown will be with us from 11:00 to 12:30.  Chippy the Clown truly is the little clown with a Great Big HEART.  You see, even when wearing her oversized clown shoes, Chippy is a few inches shy of 5 feet tall.  Chippy believes that clowning and bringing joy to others comes from the heart…  and her goal in life is to bring joy, happiness, and laughter to all the kind-hearted people that she meets.

With her diminutive stature, minimal make-up, and a warm-hearted sense of humor, Chippy makes an unimposing figure that even those who are hesitant towards clowns warm too quickly.  Helene Lyons has played chippy since 1989Chippy creates a festive atmosphere that makes it easy for children to smile, giggle, have fun, and develop their sense of imagination.  It is through this process that memories are made that last forever.

The role of Chippy the Clown has been played by Helene Lyons at both public and private events throughout southeastern Pennsylvania since 1989.  That year, while in attendance at a local parade, Helene noticed how happy a young handicapped boy next to her became when the clowns came frolicking by.  That moment inspired Helene to share her own love and happiness through clowning.  Later that summer, she enrolled in a local clown school and the character of Chippy was born.

Since that beginning, Helene has displayed a passionate dedication to growing her skills by seeking out and attending workshops, courses, and conventions.  She has received training in magic, make-up, costuming, balloon sculptures, face painting, classic storytelling, and many other facets of clowning.   Chippy with a happy client Helene draws upon this combination of personal experience and training when playing Chippy, rewarding audiences with laughter and joy.

From 11:00 to 12:15, enjoy the energetic and electric sounds of Montgomery Blues performing blues classics from the Delta to today. This is their first time with us and we want to show them a great community welcome.

From 1:00 to 3:00 PM, the Dub Step and Fall band plays classic rock. This band is made up of local men who get together to have a good time and enjoy the music we all grew up with

The Chris Clark Bicycle Stunt Show will have 3 shows.  Over the past decade professional stunt cyclist Chris Clark has competed around the world and entertained thousands at events like the Gravity Games, The Vans Warped Tour, New York Time Square parade and even the Olympic Games.  Each 20-minute show is a breathtaking display of balance and agility as Chris maneuvers his bike and body over his custom built ramps and obstacles displaying the skills he acquired in his years of National and International competition. Chris has performed for us before and it was a great show. We look forward to another exciting time with him and his bike.

Schwenksville Community Day is a great time for friends and family to come together as a community for fun and food. The Proceeds from the day help to fund the Summer Concert Series that takes place in Meadow Park during June, July and August. Mark your calendars now for these special events.

Schwenksville Community Day has become an annual tradition in the Schwenksville area. The event is organized by the Schwenksville Borough Activity Committee and sponsored by Greenfield of Perkiomen Valley along with many local businesses and organizations.  For more information on these events please call Gail Philips at Borough Hall (610) 287-7442 or visit EVENTS at the borough‘s website: