Sebastian Riding Associates Quarterly Newsletter

Looking Back: a Chapter in SRA History
Introduction by Chris Hanebury • Reminiscence by Bannie Stewart

Funny how things happen sometimes! Life is a journey, and although we may not realize it on a day-to-day basis, if we are lucky enough, it always leads us back home. In the summer of 2003, SRA purchased Echo’s Honey Rose from Stella Jennings. Stella lived locally and had horses most of her life and her children competed in 4H. Most of you know Echo’s Honey Rose as our “Honey” who worked in the program for many years. Stella continued to check in on Honey over the years. Here opens the next door. In the spring, we were contacted by Stella informing us that she was moving and going to live with her daughter in Alabama. She asked if we would be interested in a driving cart that her son had used as a child in 4H programs. I agreed and went to pick up the cart and visited with Stella. We talked about Honey and about the cart and how the pony that they used to pull the cart was from SRA. What?! She told me that they had purchased a pony named April from SRA and although she wasn’t sure why SRA sold the pony, she commented that she was the best pony ever. Her son went all the way to States in 4H with the pony and always did well with her. They named her April’s High Step. Then the next door….I brought the cart back to SRA, and although we weren’t sure it would work in the program, we decided to hook it up to the wooden horse which is on the front lawn in front of the office at SRA. Cofounder and resident of SRA, Bannie Stewart, came for a visit one afternoon and I asked her if she ever knew a horse named April and showed her the cart. KNEW A HORSE NAMED APRIL, you say? A smile came to her face as she proceeded to tell me the story about April. I wanted to be sure to have her share the story with all. The history of SRA is not well documented and I am fascinated by the accounts of the journey SRA has made, and I’m delighted to be able to share it and document it for the future!