Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Stop here if you have not seen the Movie possible spoilers beyond this point!

I grew up with Star Wars. I had the Millennium Falcon with the compartment that stowed away the hero’s from the empire. The X and Y wing fighters and the figures that were stiff and ridged that you always wished moved more like their G.I. JOE companions.  So like the rest of the world I was ready to again embark into a galaxy far far away. It was opening weekend the theater was pack and as the music rolled the iconic initial credits the theater literally cheered. It was thirty years later in the story timeline and for many of the fans it was that in reality too discounting the prequel trilogy.  There are many similarities that parallel the original story, which is why I believe the movie works for the past generation and helps to connect it to the new generation of Star Wars fans.

Luke has vanished The First order is on the Hunt. Storm Troopers are not always what they seem to be and new Death Star is now a whole planet and you still get to stop in at an intergalactic watering hole.

I enjoyed the introduction of BB-8 the new/updated R2-D2 so to speak, even though R2 is still there. There are some funny spots, such as how the Millennium Falcon is introduced back into the fold.  The plotline of the fractured empire becoming the First Order and Han’s Solo’s son becoming the new “Vader” is interesting as it plays out.  As Rey’s story line makes you wonder who she has been waiting for on the desolate planet and if she is related to Luke. Is she his daughter or perhaps Ben Solo twin? Who exactly is Supreme Leader Snoke? Food for thought only time will tell.

Abrams does a good job of mixing the old and the new and making the transition for building a new and exciting adventure you that pulls you across the galaxy. Recommendation… see it while it’s in theaters … it’s worth the ride.