“When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere.” Francois de La Rochefoucauld

“This art of resting the mind and the power of dismissing from it all care and worry is one of the secrets of energy in our great men. “Captain J. A. Hadfield
     The seasons change once again.  Onward to Autumn and crisp and colorful.  As the calendar pages fly off, it seems that time is moving faster.  And not only for the older or more mature, but the young are saying the same.  It used to be that time moved at a rapid pace as one aged.  That seems to be a universal feeling in this brave new world for those of all ages.  Are the gadgets and technology making it fly by?  Are we relaxing less so it seems the clock is spinning? Or is the constant influx of information from media shortening each season?  All may contribute.
  I just know that of all the things I love, I love the days of nothing.  The days of no plans, no worries and no cell phone or computer tugging at my consciousness.   I stood firm in my rule of the nothing days.   I forbid organized sports or activities.  This was my own personal philosophy and I am sure many do not agree.   But oh those days of not really having a plan.  Each day was a new adventure and maybe no adventure at all.   We visited parks and zoos and playgrounds and had picnics and practically lived at Valley Forge.  For 20 years, I have been blessed with this gift with my sons.  And now they practice the nothing day with a vengeance.  Both the wards are studying intense majors with complete brain capacity needed for nearly all of their classes.  I know the brain power is there, the trait I am very pleased with is the ability to unwind, relax and enjoy.   I have always built into their upbringing to work hard and play hard.
    These young men have taken what the master presented and perfected it.  I always had a tough time with the balancing of the two.  I was maybe an 80/20 for the most of my life.  With the 80 being the play portion.  It was just so much darn fun.  There are still years where people I have no idea who they are make a comment or shoot a nasty look.  I know they are from the first 25.  I laughed my way to 30, then bam………… Fritz and swaddled infants entered the scene.  I knew there had to be a way to be a great parent and not lose that spark of Joie d’vivre.  One of the keys was that endless quest for down time in a world that preaches, go go go go go.   As parents, we want so much for our children.   But above all else, I wanted my sons to be decent human beings, who have character.  I wanted them to have the best fun, but real fun, not the empty eye forced fun I see often in  this younger sector.
    It is my belief that the more we can emphasize core happiness, the less we depend on others to shape our selves.  The stronger we build the inside, it can withstand the harsh outside world.   Nothing seems easy, for as much as technology touts and easier life – it brings stress.  So my hope for all is that as fall approaches, you take a weekend or a day and do nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Your nothing could be walking on a trail or sitting by a lake.  It could be getting an ice cream and talking to a friend. It could be sharing a cocktail on a deck and letting all worries take a back seat for the day.  Downtime is a lost art and I know myself and my sons are practicing it full force when necessary.  For as we take time to do nothing, we can build the strength to do everything.
  Happy Autumn and May All Your Relaxing Days Be Spent with those You Love……………………….